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04 May 2020
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liquid smoke - a distillation deviceCV Kencana Jaya Engineering manufactures coconut processing machinery equipment such as pyrolysis (liquid smoke), 
and functions: as a natural preservative because liquid smoke contains phenol and acid compounds which act as antibacterial
and antioxidants as a latex coagulant material substituting for formic acid and helps in the formation of brown color on the product. liquid smoke is a result of condensation or condensation from direct or indirect combustion vapors from materials that contain lignin,
cellulose, hemicellulose and other carbon compounds. Raw materials that are widely used include various types of wood, palm oil humps,
 coconut shells, husks, pulp or sawdust and others. During combustion, components of wood will undergo pyrolysis to produce various kinds
of compounds including phenol, carbonyl, acids, furans, alcohols, lactones, hydrocarbons, aromatic polycyclic etc.liquid smoke consists of several parts such as,     combustion tube     smoke pipe     condenser     water     combustion container     thermometer     water pump
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