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17 Apr 2020
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Road Markings - Thermoplastic Paint - Paint Road Markings
CV. Kencana Jaya Teknik sells a variety of road equipment, such as road marking machines | Thermoplastic paint | Paint Road Markings | thermoplastic paint is a road marking paint in the form of powder, generally this type of paint is often used for painting strip lines, solid lines, dotted lines, stop lines, arrow markers, Chevron markers, and others. the method of application is to warm up at a certain temperature, and where this type of paint has grade and color (White, Yellow, Red and Black) and grade that refers to the standard provisions of Indonesia, Aastho M249 - 98 and we also provide other standards such as Aastho M249 -79 and Aastho M249-77.Thermoplastic paint | marker paintSpecifications:
- Specific gravity: 2.15 kg / l
- Binder composition: Min 18%
- composition (glass Beads:) 30-40
- Tio2 composition - (Titan Tioxide): Min. 10%
- Caco3 & innnert filters: Max. 42%
- Softening Point: 102.5 ± 9.5 Degrees C
- Max Dry Time. 10 minutes

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Puri Delta Kencana
Jl. Raya Kalimurni Blok J No.6 RT 006 / RW 001
Kelurahan Kencana / Kecamatan Tanah Sareal
Kota Bogor 16167

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Jl. Raya Kencana II No.25D RT 001 RW 009
Kelurahan Kencana / Kecamatan Tanah Sareal
Kota Bogor 16167

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CV Kencana Jaya Teknik

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