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Granulator-Machine Is Compos-Fan Granulator Machine Granulator-Printing Machine
Granulator-Machine Is Compos-Fan Granulator Machine Granulator-Printing Machine
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Compost Granulator Engine | Pan Compost Granulator | Agricultural Machinery
We Engaged In Manufacturing Engineering Agriculture, like machine oil processing (Machine Grated Coconut, machine squeezer Coconut Milk, Parer Coconut Fiber, Engines Parser Coconut Fiber, Parer And the scribe Coconut Shell), Machine Coffee Processing (Washing Machine Coffee Beans | Engineering Washer Coffee Fruit, Parer Coffee Wet | Engineering pulper Coffee, Parer Leather Shop | Engineering Huller Coffee Machines sieving Coffee Machines Roasted Coffee, Drying Machine Shop | Box dryer Coffee Machine Grinding Coffee, Milling Machine Coffee beans | Engineering Pembubuk seeds coffee), Machine Cocoa Processing (breaking machine Fruit And splitters Cocoa beans, Parer And breaking Leather Ari Cocoa beans, Engineering Pengempa Fat Cocoa, machine sieve Cocoa | Machine Sorting Cocoa, Machine Roasted Cocoa, Engineering Refining Bungkil Brown | Engineering Pembubuk Brown, Chocolate Powder Sieving Machine, Chocolate Powder Mixer Machine, Fine Chocolate Peneliner Machine | Rough Chocolate Adhesive Machine, Brown Fine Chiller Machine, Chocolate Conching Machine), P Machine Engaging Compost (Composting Machine, Compost Sieve Machine, Compost Mixer Machine, Compost Granulator Machine | Organic Fertilizer Granulator Machine, Compost Dryer Machine | Compost Rotary Dryer Machine, Manual Compost Print | Compost Printing Machine Hydraulic), Animal Feed Processing Machinery (Machine Hammer Mill Feed Mixer Machines, Animal Feed Pellet Machine, Machine Dryer Oven | Oven Machine Pellet | Dryers Pellet), brick Press Machine | Bronze Printing Machine | Paving Block Machine, Batako Mixer Machine, Cricket Crusher Machine, Oil Spinner Slicer Machine, Plastic Waste Disposal Machine | Plastic Warehousing Machine, Flour Mill Machine, Cassava Chopper Machine | Cassava Slicer Machine, Disk Mill Machine, Fish Pellet Machine, Chicken Lid Machine | Poultry Revocation Machine, Corn Sheller Machine, Rice Thresher Machine | Thresher Power Machines, Hydraulic Press, Machinery Grate Sago, Seed Sterilization Autoclave Engineering Mushrooms, Cabinet Acid Laboratory, Engineering germinator KJT 73-2A / B, KJT germinator machine 73-2A, Dry Seasoning Grinder Machine (Grinder), Machine Seasoning Grinder Wet, Sugar Mill Machine, Meat Mill Machine, Soy Bean Machine | Milled Tofu Machine, Dried Grass Cutting Machine, Meat Cutting Machine, Wood Crusher, Cutting And Wood Crusher, Rubber Sap Equipment | Rubber Sapping Equipment |Rubber Panet Tool (Hand Mangel Rubber Machine, Hand Mangel Rubber Batik, Hand Mangel Rubber Polos, Rubber Sanding Knives, Rubber Sanding Mats, Rubber Freeze Squeezes, Freeze Latex Rubber Sink, Rubber, Tapping Rubber Sap, Rubber Sap Gage, Sadap Tissue Knife, Latex Freezer, Rubber Solid Liquid Fluid, Latex Chemical Fluid), Palm Oil Equipment | Palm Oil Tool | Palm Oil Palm Tool (Hoe, Egrek, Dodos, Ax Fruit, Tajok, Parang, Ganco, Arit), Provision of Plantation Equipment, Provision of Forest Equipment.
Capacity, Function, Engine (Mover) Equipment Or Manufacturing Of Agriculture Machines We Can Produce In Customized With Consumer Needs.
Compost Granulator Engine | Pan Compost GranulatorFunction: Granulator, granulator machine or pan granulator is a composting machine that serves to make compost granule granules. Granulator Used To Make Pellets / Clumps Of Powder-Shaped Raw Material With Damp Texture.Specifications:
- Capacity: 700 kg / hour
- Dameter Plate: 300cm
- Frame Material: UNP 100
- Pan tilt: ± 50 °
- Material Body: Mild Steel
- Transmission: Gear Box WPX 135
- Drive: E. Motor 7, 5 Hp / 3Phase
- Finishing: Paint 
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Jl. Raya Kalimurni Blok J No.6 RT 006 / RW 001
Kelurahan Kencana / Kecamatan Tanah Sareal
City of Bogor 16167Workshop:
Jl. Raya Kencana II No.20 RT 005 RW 002
Kelurahan Kencana / Kecamatan Tanah Sareal
City of Bogor 16167Website:
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