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17 Apr 2020
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Bone Cutting Machine - parting machine
Chicken parts cutting machine.
After a long process starting from stunning the chicken, cutting the chicken, soaking or boiling the chicken, pulling the chicken feather, cutting the chicken head and cutting the cache the chicken also eviscerates the chicken and after all that is cleaned to support the cutting of the chicken parts like feet , thighs, chicken breasts, the machine is needed so that the scrap pieces don't look messy like using machetes, so what we need is a tool like this:Specifications:
Size (p xl xt): 50 x 50 x 60 cm
Cirlce Knife Stainless Steel, Food Grade, 3 mm thick
Electric motor 1 HP / 50 Hz / 380 VoltMeat and Poultry Grinding Machine above (Chicken Cut Machine) is one product that is widely used by local and international chicken slaughter companies that are made by companies with guaranteed quality and for non-existent stock because the items are not public then we make it according to requests from customers throughout Indonesia . For more details about the price because the price is not final
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