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27 Jul 2020
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Specification of traffic cone

CV. Kencana Jaya Teknik we supply safety equipment, such as traffic cones, many types of Tranffic rubber cones, and We Are Engaged In Manufacturing Road Equipment Machines (Road Marking Machines, Road Markings, Road Marking Applicators, Road Preheater Machines, Cooking And Mixing Machines) Road Marking Paint, Road Marking Removal Machine, Industrial Machinery Equipment, Machine Supplier Road Equipment (Baby Roller, Concrete Cutting, Concrete Power Trowel, Plate Compactor, Tamper Rammer, Jack Hammer, Vibratory Sreed, Road Marking Removal, Electric External Vibrator, High Frequency Internal Vibrator, Pneumatic Internal Vibrator, Pneumatic External Vibrator, Coverter Concrete, Demolition Breaker Hammer), Road Safety Equipment Agent (Road Barrier | Traffic Barrier, Safety Cone | Traffic Cone, Delineator Post, Convex Mirror | Safety Mirror | Mirror Road Bend, Glass Road Stud | Solar Road Stud | Nail Road Markings, Rubber Stick Cone | Road Restrictor | Parking Restrictor | Tr affic Delineator Post, Corner Guards, Rubber Speed ​​Bump, Vehicle Stopper | Parking Stopper), Traffic Safety Equipment, Traffic Signs, Prohibited Signs, Warning Signs, Command Signs, Signs Guidelines.Traffic Cones | Traffic Rubber Cone | Safety Cone | Rubber Cone
Function: Traffic Rubber Cone, Safety Cone Or Traffic Cone Is A Temporary Traffic Arrangement Device In The Form Of A Cone Made Of Plastic Or Rubber. Widely Used For Directing Traffic To Avoid Parts Of The Road That Are Currently Repairing, Diverting Traffic On Traffic Accidents, Or To Protect Workers On The Road That Are Doing Maintenance And Road Maintenance Work.Traffic Cones - Traffic ConesSpecifications:
- Plastic, Rubber (std) Material
- Uk. Height: 70, 75, 90 cm
- Uk. Base Plate: 36 - 37 cm
- Base Plate: Permanent
- Reflective single band and double bands
- Color: Red, Yellow, Green, Orange

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Puri Delta Kencana
Jl. Raya Kalimurni Blok J No.6 RT 006 / RW 001
Kelurahan Kencana / Kecamatan Tanah Sareal
Kota Bogor 16167

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Jl. Raya Kencana II No.25D RT 001 RW 009
Kelurahan Kencana / Kecamatan Tanah Sareal
Kota Bogor 16167

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