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Safety Signs

Specification of Signs-Safety Instructions The Way Vehicles

Signs / Signs / Warning Signs / Signs Prohibition / Signs Traffic / Signs Parking / Signposts Mark / K3 signs / road safety vehicles
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Guidance Notes
Guidance Signs Or Traffic Signs To Declare Instructions Regarding Departments, Roads, Situations, Cities, Places, Arrangements, Facilities For Road Users.

1a. Predictions signs directions majors at the intersection in front.
1b. Foreword signs indicate the direction ahead.
1c. Predictions signs indicating the direction to be taken on an area.
1d. Guidance for the direction of the majors declaring the direction to reach a place out of the highway.
1e. The guidance for the direction of the majors indicating the left lane that must be passed for the intended direction.
1f. The guidance for the direction of the direction indicating the right lane that must be passed for the intended direction.
1g. Guidance for the direction of the direction of the department stating the existence of a choice of lane according to the direction of the intersection.
2a. Sign direction to Purwakarta with distance of 70 km.
2b. Sign direction to the Jagorawi toll road.
2c. Sign direction to the airport.
2d. Sign for directions to the camp.
2e. Sign guidance majors for tours to the youth pesanggrahan.
2f. Sign direction to the tourist area Dieng with a distance of 10 km.
2g. Sign directions to the National Park area.
3. This road leads to Tomohon with a distance of 3 km and Tondano 15 km.
4a. Enter the border of the city of Kediri.
4b. Out of Kediri city limits.
4c. Beginning of Toll Road area.
4d. End of boundary of Toll Road Jagorawi.
5. Crossing people.
6a. One-way street, to reinforce the meaning can be used additional board under it with the words "ONE DIRECTION".
6b. One-way street left, to reinforce the meaning can be used additional board under it with the words "ONE DIRECTION".
6c. One-way street is straight, to reinforce the meaning can be used additional board under it with the words "ONE DIRECTION".
6d. Signpost directions place to reverse directions.
6e. Dead end.

6f. Dead end.
6g. Highway.
6h. Toll Road end limit.
6i. Special motor vehicles.
6j. The road end limit is exclusively for motor vehicles.
6k. Bus stop.
6l. The beginning of the bus lane.
6m. The lane section that other traffic can use.
6n. Signs that explain that will enter the road that has a special lane bus.
6o. Bus lane in the direction of traffic.
6p. The bus lane is opposite to the direction of traffic.
6q. End of bus lane.
6r. Traffic stops with fixed tracks (Tram, Railway, Aeromovel).
6s. Signposts enter the belt usage area.
7. Prioritize traffic from the front.
8. Parking lot.
9a. Hospital.
9b. The first treatment center.
9c. Vehicle repair shop.
9d. Payphone.
9e. Fuel pumps.
9f. Hotel and Motel.
9g. Restaurant.
9h. Coffee shop.
9i. Tourist attraction.
9j. Walking place.
9k. Camping place.
9l. Camping place of the camp.
9m. Camping and campsites.
9n. Youth Pesanggrahan.
9p. Islamic synagogue.
9q. Christian synagogue.
9r. Hindu worship house.
9s. Buddhist synagogues.
9t. Museum.
9u. Stadium / Open Field (STADIUM / SPORTFIELD)
9v. Gantole Field (GLIDING)
9w. Building / Ward Sports (SPORT HALL)
10. The street sign shows the street name of Jend.Sudirman.

Maximum Number
1a. ..... 120 x 160 160 x 400
1b. ...... 105 x 140 140 x 400
1c. ...... 90 x 120
1d. - 1f. 45 x 150 75 x 400
2a. ...... 40 x 130 75 x 195
3. ...... 50 x 90
4c - 4d ...... 70 x 120 150 x 400
6q. ...... 40 x 100 60 x 150
10. ...... 14 x 60 14 x 120

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